2447521182_450b9e4f2fI have been involved in the massage industry for very close to 13 years now and I really have enjoyed every single minute of my time. Whether involved with your traditional Swedish massage or providing clients with sensual tantric massage London, it really has been a pleasurable experience. My heart really has been lost to the world of massage and it is something that I cherish everyday of my life.

Ihave also been fortunate to see the pleasure and fulfillment that massage therapy can bring to people’s lives and it is this job satisfaction that is really in my eyes unbeatable to be. I also took part in some Hawaiian massage which I learnt whilst on holiday to this part of the world and my clients will liken the Lomi Lomi massage to a dance !

I quite often give a bit of a mixture to my massage, and can blend a combination of modailities within the same session which seems to go down well with many clients of mine. All of the techniques that I have trained in over the years are all very much a holistic approach to massage and are generally based on a combination of Swedish massage and erotic tantric massage, and when these two are combined it can be an amazing way  to release tension, help with pain relief and also help clients to improve their range of motion and last but not least help clients to experience more sexual pleasure!

I am looking for ward to meeting some new clients and hope to make your acquaintance soon!